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Open Systems Technology Pty Ltd

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Phone: (08) 81103800
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Established in 1992 OST® (Open Systems Technology Pty Ltd) is a specialist consulting organisation, based in Australia, providing business solutions for government and commercial sectors.

Under the CouncilFirst™ banner we deliver an integrated business solution for councils and local authorities. CouncilFirst is a part of Microsoft’s CityNext initiative, focussing on engaging citizens and government on how cities are run.

Our CouncilFirst solution integrates local government/authority operational systems to:
• Financials
• Budgeting
• HR & Payroll
• Procurement
• Project job costing
• Document management
• Asset management integration
• Customer request management.

This solution provides seamless and timely reporting, removing the blockages to comprehensive information on performance, identifying opportunities and gauging community outcomes.

OST has a solid track record of successful delivery of ERP solutions and professional services including:
• Strategic & Management Consulting
• Implementation Consulting
• Project management
• Delivery
• Training and ongoing support

Our formalised Delivery Management Methodology delivers consistent, reliable and quality results.
OST is focussed horizontally across financial management, manufacturing and supply chain and vertically in government, local councils / utilities sectors and agriculture, meat and livestock, education and retail industries.

A Microsoft Partner for over 10 years, we have provided ERP solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, resulting in client systems which deliver ‘the right information, to the right people, at the right time and place’.

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