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Phone: (1300) 655857
Fax: 2 8080 8290

Providing specialist consulting and IT services to professional service firms in the use of their information systems.
Leading consultants to the legal and accounting community we service North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK.
Swerdlove™ is an independent service vendor, differentiating itself through superior client service and technical excellence. Swerdlove clients typically differentiate themselves as being firms who seek to utilise their information systems for competitive business advantage.

Swerdlove's mission is the provision of business improvement services that demonstrate an impact by improving a firm's bottom line.

Products include :-
OpenEFT - EFT and ACH payment
Informer - Automatic Email notification Software
HeartBeat – DBA services for your SQL server
Reporting – Improved reports using Reporting Services
Script Scavenger - Aderant Customisation reporting tool

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