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    Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, Government, Professional Services, Transportation
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Ocean is a supplier of world class Operations and Training Management Software providing leading edge command support solutions to a variety of customers with complex operating environments.

Ocean Software was established in 1993 as a wholly Australian owned and operated company. Ocean Software designs and supplies world-class solutions for Squadron operations management and training, as well as solutions for Coastguard and Maritime Surveillance. Ocean Software has specialist staff, many of whom are experienced industry leaders and ex-Defence operations personnel, which provides the company a wealth of experience in operations management processes. Australian-based with a Melbourne head office, Ocean Software has an international presence, with offices in the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Key Software Solutions

FlightPro™ – Operations and training management solution
CoastPro – Maritime Surveillance command support system
Smart4PM – Business performance management tool
PILS-rx – Logistics management and stock control system

Key Markets

Defence (Air, sea and land)
Coast Guards
Civil Aviation
Health Sector

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