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Application Renewal for Notes

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Avanade can help you plan your migration from Lotus Notes/Domino to the Microsoft platform with a phased approach for both Messaging and Enterprise business applications. Avanade provides a world-class migration solution, with a unique methodology and process that can help you migrate your existing Lotus Notes/Domino processes and applications to the Microsoft platform.

From migration to modification, we can help you with the entire process. As part of our approach, we will:

- Conduct an Applications Lifecycle assessment to determine the importance and state of each of your applications in the software lifecycle.
- Analyse whether Lotus Notes/Domino currently aligns with your business needs, operational tasks and overall strategic vision.
- Help you build a business case for migrating to the Microsoft platform with realistic timelines and budget.
- Train your staff to ensure successful knowledge transfer and long-term management of your infrastructure.

A proven methodology
Migration on any scale can be a major undertaking, which is why we approach each engagement with our thoughtful and measured approach. First, we assess the state of your environment with our systematic and highly effective application-by-application approach that addresses your long-term vision and explores all your options, including consolidation, updates, business requirements, maintenance and web access. Then, we use this assessment as a foundation for a strategy that classifies and migrates your applications in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Finally, we gauge the size and scope of your migration project and offer comprehensive migration solutions that can be easily and quickly executed. Our approach takes advantage of proprietary Avanade offerings, including:

- Tools and assets that assist in delivering each phase of the assessment and migration process.
- Document templates for each delivery document to streamline the process and focus more on migration and less on creating document formats.
- The Avanade Connected Methods (ACM) process that outlines every step of a migration from start to finish.
- A Global Delivery Network migration team that is fully trained, scalable and always available to migrate applications as needed using the best practices and tools.

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