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Application packaging is one of the most important software management tasks IT departments oversee in order to maintain a stable and productive end user environment.

Desktop applications must work as expected, be configured and updated to the required level, and be available from different platforms in a consistent, dependable manner. With an ever increasing volume of software used in the business, each with its own complex installation requirements, application packaging can be an expensive and problematic task.

At Atea, we have perfected the art of application packaging, allowing for significant cost savings and time reduction for both IT and business operations.

Our packaging experts, utilizing the Atea Application Manager portal integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, ensure efficient application deployments without the need for end user desk side visits and disruptions.

With Atea Application Packaging’s scalable delivery of more than 1000 packages per month, you can expect:

• Reduced IT staff time spent on application documentation, discovery, user acceptance and deployment by 5-10 times
• Reduced support calls from end users, increasing available time for higher level IT projects
• Increased productivity of end users due to reduced deployment-related application issues and up-to-date desktop software

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