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Aufait Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Business Process/Workflow Automation Services

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Business Workflow/Process Automation:

Automating business processes are critical to any organization to help stay competitive in the market by being efficient and flexible. At Aufait, we undertake complex process automation projects which integrate with existing line of business systems and provide meaningful performance dashboards.

E Forms / Forms Automation:

Today, supporting green initiative is the goal of many organizations and one of the key initiatives is to make the office paperless. Aufait has worked with many customers who had to deal with 100s of such forms, and played an active role in helping them achieve their goal of transforming the offices into a paperless one.

Employee Self Service (ESS):

Employee Self-Service solutions empower employees and the HR staff at the same time. With ESS facilities, employees have access to their employment related information whenever required. They also have all time access to basic processes such as leave application, travel requests, training requests etc. This helps organizations reduce paper work and free the HR department of mundane tasks.

Customer Support Solution:

Our CSS solution specially designed for travel and hospitality vertical provides the organization a robust tool to capture and resolve customer complaints. Features of the system include case management and knowledge management.

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