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Dynamics CRM for Partner Relationship Management

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For companies who need to maximise indirect channel revenue opportunities, Accenture-Avanade Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is an enterprise-grade application, designed and built with leading indirect channel business-to-business processes, that enables collaboration between enterprise vendors and partners to enable joint selling opportunities, improve the partner experience, increase the effectiveness of each indirect channel and maximise indirect channel revenues.

The intuitive and easy-to-integrate PRM application is built on the widely-implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, permitting seamless integration with other Microsoft applications.

Accenture-Avanade Partner Relationship Management can be delivered via the cloud through Avanade Online Services, which helps enterprise vendors use software-as-a-service to achieve key IT and business objectives. The solution can also be delivered on-premise.

Unlike other PRM vendors, the Accenture-Avanade Partner Relationship Management solution combines a full suite of offerings and services from Accenture with cost-effective delivery and support models from Avanade. Specifically, the solution encompasses:

- Accenture’s broad industry insight and deep indirect channel process experience from working with enterprise-class clients, which includes delivering services such as PRM channel strategy, functional and technical capability assessment, indirect channel process architecture and design using PRM Quick Starts and a PRM proof of value focused on business results.

- Avanade’s deep technology integration experience with the Microsoft platform, including the #1 integrator of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as proven software-as-a-service delivery capabilities.

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