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Dynamics ERP for Manufacturing

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Avanade, in conjunction with Accenture and Microsoft, enables industrial equipment manufacturers to deploy industry-specific offerings that support business processes and help create competitive differentiation through ongoing innovation. Our solutions can make existing business processes more efficient, driving costs lower and customer satisfaction higher.

We help industrial equipment manufacturers amplify their strengths and overcome business challenges by implementing adaptable, flexible, and affordable industry-specific offerings that support IEMs’ changing business processes and deliver the most from their lean manufacturing initiatives, so these companies can respond quickly to customers, comply with changing regulations, and compete successfully around the world.

- Support complex and parallel engineering and manufacturing environments

- Develop accurate forecasts for long-lead-time items by monitoring the full production cycle of the machine, from the initial quotation process to its manufacturing, delivery, and service/support

- Shortening development cycles by integrating product development with manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and IEMs’ suppliers

- Deploy comprehensive and adaptable Microsoft Dynamics AX–based industry-specific offerings for the entire enterprise

- Leverage current IT skills by delivering information required to all parts of the organisation with easy-to-use and familiar Microsoft tools

- Cut costs of deployment by leveraging more than 50 library applications to deliver solutions to fit current and evolving business needs

- Deliver powerful, integrated support and service offerings that significantly improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increase revenue

- Develop robust quotation processes that quickly deliver accurate quotes to customers

- Make fast and accurate decisions with current information, seamlessly integrated to familiar desktop tools

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