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BI Reporting Dashboard for Student Performance Management

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By engaging WARDY IT Solutions and adopting Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010, John Paul College has been able to influence the content and delivery approaches taken in the classroom by teaching and support staff.  This insight
is based on a solution that WARDY IT Solutions delivered, allowing the visualisation and benchmarking of student performance data from internal and external systems.

The college required a dynamic reporting tool that provided teaching staff with a self-service enquiry mechanism allowing then to uncover the root cause of changing behaviours and then use that information to directly influence classroom decisions. This
was achieved with the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010.

The solution provides student performance information to teaching and support staff at the time when they can make the most difference in the classroom and is used to inform teaching planning and development to meet class needs.

The Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence solution delivered by WARDY IT Solutions provides teaching staff with a progressive view of student performance and behaviours as they occur.  This, in turn can be used to view the impact on class performance
as a result of changing content delivery and approaches.

The solution provides consistency in data use and a consolidated view of performance data across learning areas and campuses and removes large amounts of workload from the college’s core transactional database.

The solution developed by WARDY IT Solutions has improved the quality of education that John Paul College delivers. It has done this by using Microsoft SQL Server, Sharepoint, Office and PowerPivot to collate, share and compare a broad range of data in a
ways that has never been done before. As a result John Paul College has access to unparalleled decision support, forecasting and benchmarking.  This is having a marked effect on the whole school community by reducing extra burdens on teachers and providing
better educational outcomes for the students.

For school administrators the system has provided multifaceted benchmarking which has led to better planning. This has saved the school many thousands of dollars and allowed it to better identify and focus its resources on key areas. It has provided teachers
advanced profiling tools to identify the root causes of students changing behaviour patterns. This has improved the teacher’s capacity to identify ‘at risk’ and ‘gifted’ students and better respond to each student learning needs. 

With WARDY IT Solutions Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint, John Paul College has unlocked the data from their disparate systems to provide timely decisions which have assisted delivering an outstanding educational experience.


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