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Portals, Collaboration and Workflow Services

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 The Portals, Collaboration & Workflow practice helps clients to:

Enable business users to find and collaborate on their data. Automate business processes. Apply a greater level of stewardship and governance to their information assets.


Key Areas of Focus: 


Creating a single point of access for information and applications. Link your internal processes and content to outward facing interactions with customers, partners & suppliers in a secure way.


Forms & Workflow

Converting your paper based processes to Streamlined online business processes, with built-in checks and balances.



Speeding up the process for staff to locate relevant information across your entire business.


Custom Application Development 

Linking together multiple data sources and processes to create applications which address the challenges that are unique to your business.


Knowledge Management

Allowing your organisation to share and maintain memory of your research, policies and insights more comprehensively.

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