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Financial Governance and Planning Services

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 The Financial Governance and Planning practice provides services in order clients to:

Improve forecast accuracy Identify lead indicators of performance Identify and manage the impacts of business change on performance Bring consistency and auditability to the budgeting and planning process.


Key Areas of Focus:

Financial Close

Enabling finance departments to run a faster end of month close, providing earlier iterations of reliable results through the month to better plan accurals

Management & Regulatory Reporting

Integration of actual and target data into financial reporting to allow comparison of actual against budget/forecast

Business Modelling & Forecasting

Providing visibility of lead indicators and physical/external drivers of financial outcomes 

Data Governance

Providing a framework to accomodate changes in business structure in reporting and planning systems 

Budgeting and Planning

Improving accuracy and the speed of cycle times for budgets to be submitted Management of the planning process

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