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BlueFire Managed Services Enterprise

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BlueFire Managed Services Enterprise provides desktop, server, application, network and security expertise to keep an organisation’s IT infrastructure running smoothly. It provides the full IT capabilitiesBlueFire Managed Services Enterprise has a number of
key components, including:

- Hosted Desktop: takes care of software updates, configuration problems, user errors, data backup and hardware maintenance

- Managed File Services: delivers enterprise File Services from BlueFire’s core network,for anytime, anywhere access to your information when you need it

- Enterprise Email (Microsoft Exchange 2007): Enterprise Managed Exchange Email System delivered by Microsoft Exchange with Outlook with enterprise archiving, security, PDA (Blackberry, MS Mobiles, Nokia) and remote access

- Managed Security Gateway (Clean Internet & Private WAN Communication Links): Enterprise Security for Private Communication Links (WAN), Managed Firewalling, Content Filtering, Managed Clean Internet Services, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-phish and Web Content

- 24x7x365 Support: Support, Monitoring and Management of the corporate network. Twenty-four-hour Service Desk with Advanced Pro-Active IT Automation and Remote Management Tools to ensure you have access to IT Support when you need it

- Remote Access: Anywhere access to your files securely over the internet

- Managed Backup: Enterprise Backup Systems to backup your data securely and allow easy restoration of your information on demand

- Application Publishing: Applications are hosted and deployed remotely, for easy access. So if, for example, an organisation owns and operates SAP, BlueFire will work with application support vendors and publish the application to all users regardless of their

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