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Azure Solutions

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Intranets, Extranets, Portals
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    Cloud Services, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Standard, Windows Azure
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    General - Applicable to All

Using Windows Azure to benefit your organization.

For many companies, the best strategy to improve the efficiency, reduce the costs, and enhance the security of their IT infrastructure is cloud computing. The Windows Azure platform provides a foundation for running Windows applications and storing data in an internet-accessible data center (i.e. “the cloud”).

The Windows Azure platform saves you money by reducing your capital costs and allowing you to pay only for the IT services you actually use, whilst enabling you to focus on the things that matter to your business rather than worrying about keeping IT​ applications running. Windows Azure is completely scalable meaning it can grow as your business does and help you open new markets as you discover ways to deliver your products and services through the web.

Windows Azure - a feature rich cloud platform

Windows Azure delivers a flexible cloud platform that can satisfy any application need. It enables you to reliably host and scale out your application code. You can store data using relational SQL databases. You can take advantage of Windows Azure’s robust messaging capabilities to enable scalable distributed applications, as well as deliver hybrid solutions that run across a cloud and on-premise enterprise environments. Windows Azure’s distributed caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services allow you to reduce latency and deliver great application performance anywhere in the world.

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BrightStarr's cloud consultants can help you understand how you can benefit from Windows Azure and provide a roadmap for migrating existing, or creating new, applicati​ons in the Cloud. Our full service offering also includes Cloud application development support and maintenance.​

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