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Business Processes in the Cloud - with SharePoint Online

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Every organisation has their own business processes that they follow to get things done. Some of these are common to most business (like leave requests, expense claims, travel bookings), and some are highly customised to meet the unique requirements of your business. Any process can be moved to the cloud. And we guarantee that moving it to the cloud will optimise the way it is done, you saving time, effort and money.

Why Move Your Business Processes to the Cloud?
- Makes the process quick to access and easy to complete - which improves staff satisfaction and productivity.
- You can re-engineer, automate and streamline the activity, eliminating manual or paper-based processes and improving business performance.
- Any authorised person can securely access the processes at any time, from anywhere, regardless of where they are located and who they work for. That means you can safely undertake cross-functional processes that span your staff, customers, suppliers and partners.
- Complex and/or critical processes can have workflows set up so they are always completed properly, in line with the correct approval, authorisations and policies. This ensures compliance with company policies, procedures and standards and industry regulations.

Why Choose Us?
- Our solution is uses Microsoft SharePoint Online, a part of the market-leading Microsoft Office 365.
- We have extensive experience cost-effectively, quickly and painlessly moving our customers’ business processes to the cloud and ensuring they reap the benefits of the move.
- We are specialist cloud engineers, solely focused helping you benefit from cloud technology.
- We are recognised as experts in the field by Microsoft and Telstra – we were the first partner in the world to achieve the prestigious Microsoft Cloud Accelerate competency.

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