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CSC Australia Pty Limited

GoFish e-Licensing Solution

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service, Web Design
  • Business Need:

    Point of Sale, Retail Systems, Intranets, Extranets, Portals, Accounting, Tax Management, Cash Flow Management, Budgeting, Purchasing, Procurement, Business Application Development, Business Process Management
  • Works With:

    Forms Services (SharePoint Server), Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007,... (more)
  • Industry Focus:


Our company, CSC, works to solve the needs of public sector organisations and enterprise sized businesses that work in the area of regulatory compliance. The company specialises in building integrated solutions in a web environment utilising Microsoft based
technologies such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and .NET.

Utilising this industry specific solution, our customers enjoy the following benefits from using our business solution and services:

- Reduced administrative overhead – online payment

- Savings to industry - reduced administration overheads

- Flexibility to customers - variety of channels to interact with AFMA

With CSC’s solution, the customer can provide a self service facility to its clients, enabling them to view and manage fishing concessions online, trade quota between concession holders, apply for permits and make payment online. These capabilities result in
significant cost savings to industry and provide flexibility to the customers' clients, while improving workflow.

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