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Clayko Group

Scanning Solution: Bulk & Archive Scanning From Paper To Digital

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Clayko Group works to resolve the needs of small, medium and enterprise sized business across all industries, including Telecommunications, Insurance, Government and more. 

Our scanning solution is a application oriented platform used to manage the receipt, storage, retrieval and associated business processes associated with a document.  Our solution is offered in-house, offsite, or as a combination of the two.  It can be hosted and made available over the web, or placed in a server environment.

Clayko's customers enjoy the following benefits:

Reduced Costs - no paper document storage and retrieval costs
Access to more Information - Your data is stored in meaningful locations.  No lost documents!
Improved Business Processes - Manage how data is treated from the time of creation or receipt.
Customise - We modify the solution to suit your unique requirements
Choice - We can assist in performing as much or little as you require.

With Clayko scanning, customers can control the receipt and retrieval of documents and ensure that the correct procedures are followed.  This ensures the data contained on those documents is viewed and actioned by the correct people.  These capabilities result in faster retrieval time, key data capture, control of business processes, increased productivity and superior access to your data.

Unlike other products that only scan documents, Clayko scanning is an end-to-end solution that enables you to dictate how documents are received, actioned, retrieved and stored.  This increases the productivity of your workforce whilst simplifying the process and ensuring that data is never lost. Integrate with SharePoint and other internal applications easily.

Clayko's solution is also available as a hosted application.  Pay per user per month.  All data and images are stored in our secure datacenters, with up to 3 Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) sites.  No IT department troubles.  Just an Internet browser to access all your data.

Clayko's innovative solution has been recognised by clients in the Telecommunications, Banking, Legal and Government sectors as being a reliable solution to a complex issue facing all businesses.

To learn more about Clayko's scanning solution and how you can start reducing costs and driving productivity, or to learn more about Clayko's other business solutions, contact us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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