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Cloud Specialists Pty Ltd

Backup & Archive Solutions

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Backup your business data automatically to a virtual datacentre and enable business continuity in the event of data loss. Reach maximum level of security for your critical business data. Backup automatically your On-site, Virtual, or Dedicated Server to a secure off-site location and re-gain the sleep at night factor that your business is safe and secure. Choose the pace of your backups and create snapshots of your system through the easy to use management console. Decide how long you want to keep the backups for on a timeline of 7 years and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Get world-class scalable backup infrastructures that grow with your business. Free up valuable internal resources and increase the level of security. Benefit of the latest de-duplication technologies and perform incremental data backups that safe network bandwidth. Control backups’ duration, timing, and decide restoration site or let the experts help you. Manage your backup process with ease through the management console. Manage your backups manually or automatically. Protect your data, files and application data in state-of-the-art Australian datacentres monitored round the clock. Eliminate the need for in-house backup strategy that involves planning, equipment provisioning, and restoration strategy.

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