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Object Consulting

Connected Experience

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Object Connected Experience™ is an exciting new software application by Object Consulting that enables your organisation to develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers, across different times, places, devices and contexts.

We developed Australia’s first public application for the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense

Object Consulting’s development of Australia’s first public-facing Surface application strengthens Object’s taking the lead as the company that delivers innovation. We have a strong working relationship with Microsoft and HP and have invested significant resources in developing PixelSense and multi-touch expertise. We have the best dedicated team in Australia chartered with designing and delivering rich Surface and multi-touch experiences.

User Experience Consultants

We draw on our pool of talent in user interface and user experience development, with the understanding that user experience is a real source of competitive advantage in evolving, highly competitive markets. Combined with our mature capabilities in architecture and integration, this enables us to integrate into back-end business systems regardless of technology and overcome the resulting security, authentication and integration issues. We make sure that you do not end up with a pretty white elephant.

Microsoft Strategic Partner

Object Consulting is a Premium Partner for the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. We are also the largest Partner in Australia to hold this status. We work closely with Microsoft and have deep links into their teams in Australia, USA and APAC.

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