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Antares Solutions

Corporate Directory Solution: Antares OneSearch helps your employees be more productive.

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Antares OneSearch is a cost effective, quick to install, easy to maintain solution for company directories. Many company directories waste time because they are slow, out of date, and limited in their search capabilities. OneSearch extends your SharePoint intranet and lets you find the right person, see in-depth employee profiles, and contact them quickly, so you can work effectively together.

Antares OneSearch uses Silverlight, SharePoint & Microsoft Office Communication Server and has many benefits:

- The user interface is modern, clean and easy for you to use.
- Because it can search as you type, you get instant search results and can adjust your search.
- If you don’t know someone’s name, or spell it wrongly, the system uses fuzzy-match searching rather than returning no results.
- Once you have found the person you are looking for, Sharepoint and Microsoft Office integration means you can send emails, schedule a meeting etc. Also, with Office Communication Server, you can instantly see their online status.
- You can see and navigate the organisational hierarchy in a dynamic chart by easily moving and down reporting lines.
- You can access the phone book via the desktop or Web.
- OneSearch is designed to be flexible because every organisation stores their data in different sources and supports the most common, like Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server.
- Even if your service provider goes offline, OneSearch keeps its own cached copy of data so, when the provider comes back online, the results are current.

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