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Connecting People & Improving Decision Making

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Almost all organisations can identify with the issues associated with having teams distributed across thousands of kilometres, especially when it comes to efficient decision making. Data#3 were engaged by one such organisation, a Queensland Government agency, to provide a robust and innovative business solution to a problem which was having a significant impact not only on the organisation, but on the economy of Australia.

In the past, the customer made key management decisions regarding how to optimise the use of their capital intense assets to meet contractual obligations using a manual, time consuming process. This involved drawing data from multiple sources (both digital and paper based), and then flying key managers from across the country together to analyse the data and make the most appropriate decision. This manual process provided limited visibility, no tracking or status notification to stakeholders, and significant time and resource costs related to travel. On top of that, decisions could take several weeks to be made, stifling flexibility and agility.

The solution? Management and Team Portals: Enabling team collaboration, improving decision making, improving asset utilisation and improving customer management for mid market and enterprise companies. Wherever personnel operate, they are empowered to contribute to distributed teams, add value, deliver on and exceed their commitments, and ultimately improve the customers experience.

Leveraging web based technologies to enable anywhere, anytime access, Data#3's workforce productivity and collaborative solution delivered rapid payback for this particular customer, with forecasts showing payback within 3 months of solution go-live. This is an exceptional return, especially considering the impact this solution has on their business, and the economy in general.

Unlike other business solutions that are more expensive and take longer to implement, the Data#3 solution leverages our proven customer solution lifecycle methodology – (pdo)2, ensuring transparency throughout the entire engagement, taking less time to implement, and most importantly resulting in faster benefit realisation.

The customer is realising the following benefits from this solution:
- Increased Information Worker efficiency - leveraging existing intellectual property.
- Improved ROI – increase the value of existing software assets already purchased.
- Improved decision making capabilities

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