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Database Development Services

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Any IT function that processes, stores or captures information will most likely use a database of some type. Choosing the right database for its intended application, designing the database to efficiently capture and retrieve data (while maintaining the integrity of the information) and tuning it to ensure high availability and robustness are the key components to database development.

Whether you want to schedule a resource, create an online store, record event attendance or model a process specific to your business requirements, you will need a database to capture and store this information. Considerations such as the amount of data you anticipate, the level of security required and the number and geographical distribution of your users will all help to determine the technology used to implement your solution.

At Kiandra we specialise in providing database solutions using Microsoft SQL Server. We also work with Access, MySQL and other database platforms.

As an alternative, we utilise Microsoft Access for lower-budget single user or work group scenarios (typically 1 to 5 concurrent users). For reporting we favour Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for its ease and rapid development and ability to render in either PDF or HTML format.

Kiandra has been awarded the Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year 2009 for our software, web and database development skill, design and quality. From Microsoft SQL Compact Edition though Sync Services to clustered SQL Server instances or highly optimised stored procedures, Kiandra have the experience and industry certifications to design and develop a database solution to meet your needs. Our team collectively holds tertiary certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degrees, and Microsoft MCP, MCAD, MSQL, MCSD and MCPD certifications. All have had satisfactory state and federal police checks - National Names Check and/or Police and Fingerprint Search (Australian).

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