Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

ByteASSIST – Hosted HelpDesk Services

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A unique IT help desk solution in the cloud which is offered an a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Either run the help desk to offer your end users a flexible, powerful and private labeled help desk platform or opt to outsource the support operations to our experts with just one click; while maintaining your company’s brand.

ByteASSIST offers a flexible subscription based help desk in the cloud. No need for up-front IT investments.

Service offerings:
• Secured private label help desk
• Integrated knowledge base with self services
• Configurable SLA rules and escalations
• Comprehensive dashboards and reports
• Easy support queue outsourcing to DEV IT
• And more…

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