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FutureSoft India Pvt. Ltd.

QPORT FPO Accounting Platform

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Qport is aimed at automating the financial outsourcing process for SMB’s. It enables far end users to participate in day to day tasks, workflows & view financial & analytical reports.

Key Features:

- Tight integration with all major financial systems
- Workflow based Payment processing
- Various analytical reports to view Company’s health,
+ Waterfall graph
+ Financial Ratios
+ What-if Analysis on P&L Report
Aging Reports
- DW to fetch data from the base financial system and generate reports like Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Trial Balance, GL Ledger & Trend analysis
- Email / FTP / eFax / Portal upload of invoices, bank statement, payroll registers, check register, loan register, misc JV, accruals etc.
- Maker-checker implementation for all data entry into the system.

- Inputs:
+ Ability to submit transactional data via the portal
+ Alternate modes of communication:email, efax, ftp
+ Can submit multi-format documents – pdf, jpeg, tiff, excel, word, txt, zip
+ Customized form for Sales data input – Daily / weekly

- Outputs – Financial Reports#
+ Real time reports
+ Scheduled monthly or period end reports
+ Analytical information

- Other features:
+ Vendor payment selection & authorization for processing
+ Search for documents / images online from the Documents repository
+ Operational metrics via reports and dashboards

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