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HP Software Licensing and Management Solutions and SAM Services

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HP Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) is a comprehensive portfolio to help you acquire and manage software. SLMS maximizes strategic software investments in the cloud, enterprise security and information analytics.

Software Licensing Services:

Consolidate where you buy 3rd party software.
HP Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) provide enterprise organizations - global or domestic - with the ability to source hundreds of software solutions from one trusted advisor. Our consultants work closely with your organization and each software publisher to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively acquire software.

Simplifying where you buy your software saves you time, money and reduces risk. In addition, consolidating your vendors will:

- Deliver operational efficiency
- Lower costs in relationship management
- Reduce administration costs
- Enable you to access accurate reporting of all of your - software purchases

Are you working with the industry experts at HP?

Transport organizations through software asset management Services (SAM) that offers a proven methodology to enable organizations to know exactly what they have, where it is, and whether it is correctly and most effectively licensed.

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