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IT Management in the Cloud with Windows Intune

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At Paradyne, most of the organisations we deal with have tightly constrained IT in-house resources or none at all. That’s why it makes sense to shift much of your day-to-day IT infrastructure management and support into the cloud.

Why Move IT Management to the Cloud?
- Significantly reduce your on-going IT support and management workload
- Deliver a consistent desktop environment across the business, reducing the support effort and eliminating the need for patches.
- Eliminate the need to back-up by tape and removable hard drives, take back-ups off-site and other associated manual processes.
- Bundle the cost of maintaining and updating core IT applications (like Anti-Virus, Email and Web filtering) into a low fixed, predictable monthly payment.
- Create an audit trail for email and web activity across the company and ensure compliance with company policy and industry regulations. Establish a centralised, automated service management platform, accessible by all authorised users, from anywhere, at anytime.

Why Choose Us?
- Our solution is based on leading products such as Microsoft Windows Intune
- We have extensive experience with migrating key business and IT systems to the cloud.
- We use this solution to manage IT at Paradyne – so we know it works well!
- We are specialist cloud engineers, solely focused helping you benefit from cloud technology

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