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Jasco Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs by Consolidating Servers with Hyper-V

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JASCO is able to assist all businesses large or small to reap the numerous, tangible benefits offered by consolidating servers with Microsoft's Hyper-V.

Globally, virtualisation is a technology that has gained mainstream acceptance because of it's ability to deliver;

- Reduced total capital expenditure through increased server hardware consolidation.

- Reduced operational expenditure through lowered power, cooling and floor space demands within the data centre.

- Potential for improved operational efficiency through standardisation/simplification of IT operational processes (e.g., fail-over, server build, business continuity planning).

- Improved infrastructure service levels as a result of the technical ability to virtualise and/or pool server hardware, with the benefit being that software workloads (i.e., virtual machines) can be moved—potentially within minutes—based upon hardware availability and/or processing requirements.

JASCO has extensive skills in deploying robust virtualised environments including the integration of server and storage solutions from many major vendors. We feel that Microsoft's Hyper-V represents an excellent value proposition from a technical standpoint, with the added benefit of reducing an organisation's dependence on multiple infrastructure vendors, resulting in a site that is notably simpler (and cheaper) to maintain.

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