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Infosys Australia Pty Ltd

Legacy Modernisation

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Infosys provides Legacy Modernization services such as migration or conversion of legacy systems to current Microsoft technology. An example of this is converting a system that was implemented in Visual Basic 6.0 to .Net.

Your legacy systems, architectures and processes may be slowing you down. A significant part of the world's data resides in mainframes and is accessed by COBOL systems. CIOs and IT managers responsible for mainframe-based enterprise applications face challenges such as:
- High cost of maintaining and upgrading legacy systems
- Risks associated with running business-critical applications on potentially unsupported hardware and software
- Inflexible and closed architectures hindering web-enabling and integration with contemporary platforms
- Tightly coupled business processes that prevent you from adapting to changing business requirements
- Longer time-to-market resulting from complex development lifecycles and a lack of productivity tools
- Demographic issues relating to shrinking labor pool expertise on legacy systems
- Higher SLA time for customers due to non-real-time architecture (i.e. batch systems) options.

Infosys has developed a Legacy Modernization solution that provides enhanced flexibility by modernizing and migrating legacy systems, architectures and processes. It brings down the cost of running a business and fuels growth.

The benefits of this solution include:
- Reduced cost Lowers high maintenance cost of existing legacy platforms, resulting in substantial savings in IT budgets
- Enhanced flexibility Creates a flexible IT environment with new architectural paradigms such as SOA and aligns IT systems to dynamic business needs
- Minimized disruption Eases risk in modernizing legacy platforms by combining the experience of working on legacy systems for more than two decades with contemporary platforms, a proven modernization framework and rich domain knowledge.

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