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Insync Solutions Pty Ltd

Identity Management

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Identity Management, Privacy
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFSv2), Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2, Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010, Windows... (more)
  • Industry Focus:

    Education, Government

Identity Management is an integrated system of business processes, policies and technologies that enables your organisation to facilitate and control user access to critical online applications - while protecting confidential personal and business information from unauthorized users.

This solution automates user provisioning and password management throughout the user lifecycle. It provides immediate access to resources across your enterprise and simplifies the management of passwords across your IT systems. Identity Management reduces the cost and complexity of managing people across many disparate systems while increasing security and compliance. It allows the right people access to your business assets and information based on their role within your organisation.

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