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Jasco Consulting Pty. Ltd.

UC - Live Meeting and Conferencing: Meetings Without Boundaries

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For many organisations, getting key people together in the same room (especially at short notice) to discuss important aspects of business is simply neither practical nor possible. With more businesses becoming de-centralised, this problem is on the increase.
Businesses can either; forsake good governance and fall-back on uneducated, impromptu decisions to replace intelligent collaboration or they can look for an effective, inexpensive alternative to this conundrum.

It's true that nothing can totally replace a personal meeting - the very human aspect of collaboration, the passion, can never be completely assimilated by technology. With this in mind, 4 out of 5 meetings probably don't require the human touch. Microsoft Lync 2010 with Live Meeting will allow an organisation to host a virtual meeting with participants from around the office, the company or indeed the world.

With features such as video, voice and application sharing, Live Meeting can effectively address the meeting-style collaborative requirements of most businesses, immediately introducing considerable savings on travel and employee downtime. Meetings can be pre-planned or created on the fly, allowing businesses to react quickly to new pressures and demands. Being tightly integrated with MS Outlook and Exchange, staff can request a Live Meeting or a Conference Call as simply as sending a traditional meeting request.
Further integration with Sharepoint allows for the creation of a meeting-specific repository allowing the simple advance publishing of the meeting agenda, and further collaboration on agenda items once the Live Meeting is over.

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