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Jasco Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Build a Solid Foundation with Microsoft Core Infrastructure

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In order to be able to take full advantage of the constant advancements in business software tools, your organisation needs to ensure that your base level building-blocks are firmly in place, and have been deployed with industry best practices in mind.

When building a house of cards, the bottom-most cards must be stacked correctly or there is little hope of the higher level cards surviving for very long. This analogy can be applied directly to IT infrastructure. On top of the physical hardware, which itself must be of the highest standard and of appropriate specification, is placed the NOS (Network Operating System) and the server applications. This software layer, and more importantly the software/hardware combination, provides the foundation for the rest of the business applications that are placed upon it. If the base level software is not deployed effectively, with future expansion in mind, it's easy to run into critical problems down the track, often requiring significant re-work and expense to rectify.

JASCO has been deploying the Microsoft Platform for many years, and has a great deal of expertise and real world experience in deploying Windows Server, Exchange and SQL to Microsoft-recommended and industry-accepted best practices. If you are looking for help in building a stable platform for your information systems, then look no further.

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