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LobsterPot Solutions

Consulting and Mentoring in the areas of SQL Server and Business Intelligence

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LobsterPot Solutions can provide high-impact consulting, mentoring, even training in the area of SQL Server and Business Intelligence. If you have questions about any stage of your project, then LobsterPot Solutions can assist, by providing answers and leaving your staff with the skills necessary to take the project to completion.

For example, a government department undergoing a large BI project has engaged LobsterPot Solutions to "fill in the gaps" in the project team. We work with the staff there to help them achieve their tasks, run ad-hoc training to upskill where necessary, and
manage the expectations of users. Our experience has helped identify areas of opportunity to enhance the project so that the final solution is a vast improvement on what would have been achieved without us.

Another example would be a law firm who engaged LobsterPot Solutions to assist with some database issues they were experiencing. We were able to investigate it with the on-site DBA, explaining the aspects of the database engine that were causing the symptoms, so that the client was able to address the situation with an understanding that could help resolve future issues.

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