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Myrtec Pty Ltd

Managed IT Support for Professional Services Firms

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 For those businesses seeking a comprehensive IT solution, Myrtec’s managed IT services provide proactive IT support to reduce downtime and allow you to focus on your core business.

A Managed IT Services Agreement involves the monitoring, maintenance and support of servers, desktops and networking equipment with a small monthly fee. Managed services are delivered with a remote monitoring and management application that allows Myrtec
to monitor the health and performance of your IT assets 24/7. The key benefits of a managed services agreement include:

Dramatic reductions in the often hidden, yet substantial, costs of downtime.

Full integration with, and continuous monitoring of, antivirus, anti-spam, backup/disaster recovery and security scanning solutions to ensure that these defences are up-to-date.
Rapid resolution of issues by our experienced consultants. More effective long-term budgeting and a better return on IT investments because infrastructure planning can be based on factual and detailed information.
Maintaining comprehensive, detailed, and accurate inventories of all IT assets, so they can be properly insured and tracked.
Stabilised and predictable IT costs for high value, business-critical services.
Monitoring and alerting of system events 24/7 that are resolved by experienced consultants often before you have noticed a problem.
Myrtec offer three primary levels of service:


A comprehensive monitoring package to ensure all systems are running effectively. Includes monitoring and alerting of all software and hardware issues, remote control of desktops and servers and automated pro-active maintenance tasks.


A complete monitoring and IT support plan incorporating desktop, antivirus and backup monitoring and alerting as well as automated preventative maintenance. Unlimited helpdesk and remote desktop support is included, with onsite support charged at a
discounted hourly rate.


An all–inclusive fixed monthly investment incorporating unlimited help-desk and onsite support, ongoing monitoring and maintenance as well as quarterly strategic planning meetings.

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