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Retailer's Portal

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The Retailer’s Portal was designed by Professional Advantage using Microsoft SharePoint to help multi-outlet retail organisations improve communication and collaboration between stores, automate manual and paper-based processes and store and manage key content.
In addition, the Retailer’s Portal provides role-specific views and functionality to support head office staff, store managers, franchisees and store operators. 

1. Head Office View: For the creation, posting and access to content (Events, News, Alerts, Policies etc) including department sites

2. Store Manager View: For access to Store Manger targeted news items, reports and alerts, the approval of store related forms and workflows, access contact lists and rosters and more

3. Store User View: For access to store and customer related forms, staff alerts, collaboration tools such as discussion boards, new staff notices, training events, store and product info etc.

4. Franchisee View: For the consolidation of single or Multi-store performance and communication while maintaining content and activity relating to the franchise code of conduct and business operations.

Features and Benefits Include:

Forms and Approval Processes: The electronic forms and approval procedures streamline the processes of leave applications, new employee registration, credit applications and helpdesk issues.

News and Announcements: Company news and announcements can be issued to all stores and staff via Retailer’s Portal to keep everyone informed of relevant information.

Reports and Benchmarking: View up to date reports such as top performing store and set benchmarks against top and average performing stores.

Training and Calendars:Provide new staff with training content, schedules, up to date policies and procedures.

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