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RawTech Pty Ltd

Manage My Desktop

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Our Manage My Desktop Solutions are all about pro-active maintenance rather than the traditional break-fix model of waiting until something goes wrong. Pro-active support minimises down time while increasing level of productivity within your business.

| Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware |
RawTech includes security protection for all managed machines. The security protection will automatically clean or remove infected files and other threats such as trojans, worms and spyware, while also continuously monitoring the security status.

| Security Patch Management |
RawTech includes a complete patch management solution to keep your servers, workstations and remote computers fully up-to-date with all the latest security patches and updates.

| Server Data Backup |
RawTech includes real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging, file level remote backup and bare metal restore for Windows servers.

| Desktop Data Backup |
RawTech Pty Ltd includes online 5GB backup to all managed desktops.

| Monitoring |
RawTech Pty Ltd includes 24x7 monitoring for all Windows servers to reduce server downtime which allows RawTech Pty Ltd to be proactive and provide a solution in minimal time.

| Remote Agent |
RawTech Pty Ltd includes complete remote access to all managed machines via any internet connection. It allows our support staff to gain access to your machine, upon permission, which provides instant troubleshooting.

| Online Backup |
You shouldn’t have to think about backup!
The service offers unlimited storage capacity; automatic and scheduled backups; remote access to your files from any computer with an internet connection; mobile access to your files from any mobile device, such as a smartphone, archiving up to 30 days; file versioning; and most importantly encrypted security.

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