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Readify Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Developing software that aligns with key business objectives is challenging for most businesses. In turn, managing the effectiveness of workflows and the software development presents an even bigger challenge. Many, if not most, software projects fall behind schedule, exceed budget, fail to meet requirements and deliver poor value to the business.

Readify's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Service focuses on improving and managing the activities, tools and processes you use to build, upgrade and maintain an application over its lifetime.

The conventional ‘just develop it’ attitude to software development often fails to deliver measurable business benefits due to the poor alignment of IT and business needs. Using ALM will improve your engineering and project management practices and tooling used to support those practices.

The major benefits of our ALM approach:

• Improved communication and understanding of business needs between IT and the business

• Increased visibility into the development process

• Greater collaboration and productivity within the delivery team

• Improved quality of delivered software

• Increased return-on-investment from business initiatives

Getting started with ALM:

Implementing an ALM strategy takes time and the focus should be on practices and process improvement, not simply tools. Readify helps define your path to improvement by breaking down a significantly large, long-term program of work, into small incremental steps needed to successfully implement the changes for improvement easily and efficiently.

Readify's expert consultants work with you to define and implement an effective ALM strategy by: Assessing your current situation; Gaining internal business and key stakeholder support; And building and executing an implementation plan. Readify focuses on establishing the right processes for your team and ensures you select the right technology to support your team.

Readify specialises in equipping organisations to implement ALM processes through a deep understanding of Microsoft tooling, such as TFS, VSTS, MS Project, and SharePoint and through an extensive understanding of multiple methodologies that can be applied to managing a project, such as the Microsoft Solution Framework, Scrum and Agile methodologies.

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