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Reflexion Solutions Pty Limited

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Reflexion Solutions Pty Limited

Custom Software Development Services

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The team at Reflexion Solutions have been developing custom software solutions for a number of years. The majority of applications developed to date have addressed needs in the corporate business inteligence and improvement areas. Reflexion can assist with the following services:

1/ Windows Applications
Design and development of standalone Windows Applications, drawing from our own experience developing products for the Windows platform.

2/ Web Applications
The creation of web sites that go beyond static pages. We have extensive experience developing enterprise-quality databases and backend infrastructure.

3/ Database Systems
The design and implementation of database systems using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle.

Additional to our custom development services, Reflexion can also provide Technical Consultancy Services that include:

1/ Creation of specifications and design documents for new software development projects.

2/ Development reviews - to establish whether a development project is on the right track.

3/ Design and Technology reviews - to confirm that a project has the correct architecture and design, perhaps prior to investment.

We provide clients with impartial advice on how to structure software projects, and on the appropriate technical architecture for a new system. We can also help in situations where the communication between management and technical staff is not working correctly, or needs that extra clarity.

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