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Dynamics CRM v4.0 Hosting, Deployment, Configuration and Modification

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The solution integrates to Office Outlook, and can also include hosting of Exchange and SharePoint server for the customer where required. The solution also includes a Mobile (Windows or Blackberry) interface to all your CRM records. This provides additional
productivity gains for sales teams on the road. All servers are dedicated to the customer providing for optimum performance.

Based in Sydney Australia, RightServ is a specialist virtual-server hosting & hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM service provider. We have extensive experience in the design, deployment, configuration, hosting and management of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server
and SharePoint. RightServ was founded in 2005 and has significant experience in the setup and delivery of managed software services for Australian corporates, using both virtual and physical server infrastructure. This includes software deployment and ongoing
management in secure datacentre environments.


RightServ is a SPLA service provider, enabling us to rent Microsoft Licensing on a pay-as-you-go basis. We provide fully managed CRM, Exchange, Sharepoint and other Microsoft services. RightServ specialises in helping businesses achieve significant IT cost
saving through outsourcing and server consolidation, while our CRM services provide increased revenue through management of new and existing customer relationships. RightServ is also a c360 partner.

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