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Comcity Technology Pty Ltd

Server Consolidation, Enabling Clients To Do More With Less

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Comcity Technology addresses the needs of businesses looking to control their investment in I.T. equipment such as Servers. Our solutions are relevant to organisations of all sizes & budgets, with a particular emphasis on those with 10-200 users. We specialise in systems design, implementation and management, with our Network Infrastructure services covering the full complement of services as required for our client’s projects, per below;

- Initial needs analysis

- Solution architecture

- System build & test

- Solution Deployment

- Initial Post-deployment support

- Training / knowledge share

- Ongoing support as and when required

By reducing the number of physical servers in an environment, clients enjoy many benefits, a few of which are listed below;

- Lower Total Cost of Ownership – less hardware to replace on a regular lifecycle

- Improved environmental footprint – less power consumed = less heat produced. Less hardware = fewer parts to be disposed of in future years

- Increased Productivity – System Management tools reduce time spent administering each system, freeing staff up for more beneficial endeavours

- Increased scalability – rapidly deploy new Servers for future requirements such as business tools

Speak to Comcity Technology today to find out how we can provide these benefits & many more to your organisation.

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