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Kiandra IT Pty Ltd

Service Agreements and Managed Services

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Here's a short video explaining the benefits of Kiandra's Managed Services model:

Like a car, technology infrastructure such as servers, networks and PCs need regular maintenance and tuning to keep it running well. Software updates, capacity planning and performance and event log monitoring help you get the most from your IT infrastructure. Responsive technical support services mean you get support when you need it.

A Service Agreement with Kiandra is a customised technology solutions package designed to keep your environment running the way you need it. Service agreements can provide a mechanism for responsive technical support services, proactive monitoring of critical infrastructure, the daily review of core health metrics, scheduled server and workstation maintenance and discounted support and implementation services.

We work with you to determine what's important to you and how you would like it to work.

- Technical support services using a well equipped, single point of contact IT service desk, offered on a time-and-materials basis to provide an efficient support mechanism
- Scheduled maintenance services to keep the infrastructure running smoothly and securely
- Monthly conference calls to ensure operational objectives are being met.
- Service Level Agreement targets which outline the timeframe in which in we deliver our support services
- Infrastructure monitoring and daily vital statistics review to provide proactive monitoring of key infrastructure

All of our engineers working on your infrastructure are certified.

If you don't have any internal IT resources within your business, we can provide a fully outsourced support service agreement with quick response times, a friendly, knowledgeable and accessibly service desk, proactive monitoring and alerts and scheduled maintenance to keep things running smoothly. We can provide a fixed number of support hours or you can just call us when you need us.

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