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Service Portfolio Management

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The TMG Service Portfolio Management (SPM) practice has a different focus to many other Service Management providers. Many practitioners focus on the ‘big three’ service management functions - Incident, Problem and Change - and we recognise that there are many providers in this area providing perfectly adequate tools and consulting.

The core of the TMG SPM practice is the ‘Service’, specifically as it relates to internal IT Service Providers. We find that most IT departments are full of smart people who perform their individual roles with great professionalism and pride. It’s a sad fact however that much of this great work is invisible outside of IT. The crux of the problem is a lack of common understanding between IT and its business customers, the gulf between what the customer needs and the things IT provides.

TMG’s approach to bridging this chasm is the IT Service Portfolio. In one way, the marshalling of IT platforms and infrastructure components into services is just another form of virtualisation; it abstracts the underlying technical complexity from the presentation of business offerings to the customer.

TMG’s Service Portfolio Management practice was borne out of a desire to make ITIL practicable, coupled with our hard won knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) in the IT-business relationship. Our approach to SPM includes these disciplines:

Service Level Management: This is only partly about defining SLAs for service delivery; it’s more about managing the relationship between the business and IT. SLM ensures that IT is developing the right services to meet real business needs

Service Catalogue Management: We have a tried and tested methodology (including processes, tools, project and communications plans) to define services and manage them over their lifecycle.

Service Request: Customers need a way to order IT services. How this is done depends on the organisation’s level of maturity in service management and toolsets currently in place

Provisioning: It’s not enough to define services ‘on paper’. Without defined provisioning processes, IT is unable to realise one of the key customer benefits of a service catalogue, that of service delivery to a guaranteed SLA.

Configuration Management: It’s difficult to manage services through their lifecycle without understanding the constituent components and their relationships. TMG can design and build your CMDB from the ground up, or else work with you on integrating the service portfolio.

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