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Software Asset Management Project delivers 8,648% improvement in License management

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003
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    General - Applicable to All

Partner: Data#3, Australian based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Winner 2006 Global Software Asset Management Excellence Award, Licensing Solutions, at the Microsoft WPC 2006. Winner 2006 Australia and New Zealand Partner Award for Microsoft Infrastructure Solution of the Year.
Customer: In August 2006, Data#3 commenced a SAM project with Hervey Bay City Council (HBCC). HBCC provides infrastructure services to more than 52,000 residents and employs 400 people.
Data#3 started the SAM engagement with a comprehensive Initial Site Survey, providing a snapshot of the HBCC environment.
A proposal for services was then submitted outlining the SAM tasks to be completed, costs, and project timeline.
Data#3 then implemented its ISO:9001 certified 10-step methodology for the SAM project.
As a result of the SAM project, HBCC gained visibility into its software assets and usage patterns. Data#3 implemented a Software Auditing and Metering application called Centennial Discovery, from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Centennial Software, which runs on Windows Server® 2003 operating system.
Data#3 used the inventory results to provide HBCC with a comprehensive report of all apps that could be uninstalled, and those that needed to be purchased to achieve compliance.
Nearly 71 percent of installed applications were rarely/seldom used, due to the large number of deployments, and lack of awareness that users were actually never using some applications.

Other interesting statistics;
- Of the 775 deployed apps, there were 149 different versions of apps in use, to be upgraded to the latest version
- 8,627 instances of these apps in total deployed
- 6,165 apps identified for de-installation
- 71% reduction in their installed app base
- After the GAP Analysis 212 licenses in surplus, 2,681 licenses deficient
- After Software Rationalization 6,531 licenses in surplus, 31 licenses deficient (8,648% improvement)

Benefits: HBCC is realizing many benefits from the SAM program. Most importantly, their current and future compliance is known, and can lead the way for other Council's to do the same. HBCC can also forecast budgets more accurately, and save significant costs on license purchases.

“The Data#3 SAM program has put systems into place that will guarantee our compliance—now and in the future,” says Robert White of HBCC.

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