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Software Development Project Recovery Services

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
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    General - Applicable to All

If you're experiencing large project time and/or cost overruns, unhappy with the quality of the deliverables or finding communication with your team difficult, then you might want to consider our project recovery services.

When a project is failing to meet the expectations of the business or key stakeholders sometimes you need a removed party to help get the project back on track. Project recovery is the process in which a project is brought back into alignment with its goals with as little impact on the project budget and schedule as possible.

Projects can fail for several reasons, including poorly defined and understood requirements, unrealistic schedules, inappropriate staffing, excessive change during development, poor quality work and the reliance on 'Silver Bullets'.

To address budget and schedule overruns, it's important to enter the project recovery phase as soon as possible.

A recent trend has been to off shore development work to countries where labour costs are low enough to offer attractive savings. Unless you have a very detailed specification and highly skilled and experienced project, technical and solution management at every step of the way, off shoring has a very high risk of not meeting the expectations of the key stakeholders. There can be many hidden costs including expenses associated with infrastructure, due diligence, communications, governance, overseas travel and cultural training.

Finally and most importantly, you get what you pay for.

More recently, Kiandra have been able to help several local businesses 'on shore' their development work, especially where communication has been poor, faster turnaround times are desired, and a much higher quality is required.

When engaged to help recover a project our task is to:

• Take control and manage
• Re-establish the goal
• Identify the issues and bottlenecks
• Replan for reality
• Reset expectations
• Implement, monitor and review
• Communicate, communicate, communicate

We're not interested in egos, agendas or politics. What we are interested in is helping you achieve your project goals and in our experience the process above is the fastest way to accomplish this.

Kiandra has been awarded the Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year 2009. When we recover a project we take the same project management approach as we use in house. Our key concerns are delivering as much functionality as possible within the given budgetary and time constraints, while still creating a robust solution.

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