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Taltingan Pty Ltd

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LOGANHOLME, Queensland, AUS | View Map & Address

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Phone: +61 (07) 3801-2705
Fax: 07 38011706

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One-Stop ICT Services, Strategy, Implementation And Support For SME Businesses

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Our critical task is to provide business improvement services focussing on aligning business processes with our client's core strategies to generate growth, increased profits and lower risk.

Taltingan provides ICT strategy and management services to all business sectors. Experience includes Transport, Freight Forwarding, Bulk materials, Mining-Smelting-Refining, Mineral Processing, International Business, IP, Construction, Property, Funeral, Manufacturing,
Retail, and Business Services.

Services include:

Review and reporting on business processes and strategies identifying opportunities and risks;

Project identification, scoping, costing and implementation;

Hardware and software procurement management;

Desktop and server implementation, upgrades and management;

Helpdesk services;

Software design and development - SQL/Reporting Services/.NET, web site development, record management projects.

Project management including design, planning and implementation;

Personnel training and coaching;

Change management including issue identification, staff communication , training and implementation;

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