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Trimble Networks Pty Ltd

Security Suite Service Provider

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If we heard the term Cyber Criminals when we were kids we would have thought of men in shiny silver suits with laser guns that fly through the air in their space ships. Although that picture is not accurate, cyber criminals are a very real and dangerous threat to any business using the internet. Web borne viruses, spyware and malware are some of the biggest threats to productivity in the workplace today. As we increasingly rely on computers and the internet to run our everyday business we must also ensure that the protection we provide will eliminate these threats. TN has a proactive approach to dealing with these web-borne threats. By implementing security measures and daily monitoring, most of these threats stay simply that – a threat, not a reality. With reports showing that web-borne threats increased by more than 300% over the last year it’s essential that you get the right protection for your business.

By choosing the right security solution you can secure and manage all web traffic, filter web-borne malware threats, block URLs, and prevent data loss during web usage. Trimble Networks partners with Symantec in providing the best security solution available to your business. Symantec can also help you monitor and control how much time as well as the actual programs your staff members use.

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