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Unisys Australia Pty Ltd

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Managed Security Services

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Unisys Managed Security Services offers a compelling yet simple value proposition: We absolutely can manage security better and more affordably than our clients can. Unisys provides expert security services from five ISO 27001 certified operations centers that leverage ISO 20000 best practices. Unisys security experts process hundreds of millions of events each day separating the wheat from the chaff to identify only a few hundred actionable ones—we see more, we react faster, and we’re experts in event analytics.

When partnering with Unisys for threat management, you’ll have access to operations staff trained in a common set of well-honed processes and procedures, and gain security expertise without adding staff. You’ll gain visibility into what’s really happening on your network, who’s attacking your business, and where your data is, and where it’s going. Unisys eliminates your security staffing challenges, provides better security at an attractive price, and enables you to focus existing resources on strategic business challenges.

With Unisys Managed Security Services you get comprehensive and consistent services delivered with single point-of-accountability based upon the ITIL framework. Our experienced and certified support people leverage proven tools and repeatable methodologies to deliver continuous improvement of clients’ IT infrastructure around the world.

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