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Accelrelation Pty Ltd

Vendor Contract Management

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Vendor Contract Management (VCM) Accelerator provides organisations with:

1. IT Vendors and Vendor Contacts

2. Vendor Contracts (incl. automated renewal notifications)

3. Vendor Scope Of Work (SOW), Purchase Orders and Invoicing regarding:

    a. IT Programs

    b. IT Projects

4. A contract and case management solution to manage and track vendor communications.

5. An audit trail of vendor related Communications such as Emails, tasks, meetings and phone calls

6. A central repository to record and track:

Vendor contact details and communications
Service Level Agreements
Proposals and Work Orders (SOW)
Invoices and Purchase Orders
Cases related to a Vendor Agreement or Contract

7. A Document Repository with Version Control for storing and managing contracts and agreements

8. Multi key word search tools to search in documents

9. Management Reporting Dashboards

10. The VRM Accelerator is a cost effective way of staying on top of your organisation's vendor relationships and can
be further customised to meet your specific requirements.

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