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Kiandra IT Pty Ltd

Websites And Web Application Development

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Websites are no longer just digital brochures. With the uptake of high speed broadband, businesses are taking advantage of large scale web based applications to connect with their customers, suppliers, partners, employees and geographically dispersed offices. Web based applications are a great tool for collecting information from many people and having it processed and stored in a central location. Want to conduct a customer survey or maintain a document repository for your department? Or maybe you want your employees to be able to submit timesheets or update project information while on the go? Alternatively you may have a product or service booking service you want others to access. Whatever your requirement, a Kiandra web-based solution will help connect traditionally separate entities into your business seamlessly and easily.

Kiandra specialises in Microsoft's Windows line of Servers and the .NET platform. Leveraging this platform gives us a wide range of technologies to choose from for which to pick the most suited for the task at hand.

Silverlight is perfect for rich, interactive screens and our design team are known for their elegant and 'clean' user interfaces which are streamlined to load as quickly as possible while still maintaining a intuitive user experience. This is aided by the use of cascading style sheets (CSS), AJAX where appropriate for automatic updating without page reloads and rigorous rounds of 'optimise, optimise, optimise'.

Kiandra has been awarded the Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year 2009 for our software and web development skill, design and quality. Our team are some of the most highly skilled and qualified developers in Australia and know the tricks - we know .NET inside out, how to code our JavaScript so it works across all browsers, how to structure HTML so it renders correctly on older browsers and how to protect against potential threats like cross site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

We also know that at times the internet can be a fickle thing so take care to ensure that our applications react gracefully in the event of an unexpected problem. And if a problem does occur, it's logged and emailed to us for analysis, so we can takes steps to address the issue.

Our team collectively holds tertiary certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degrees, and Microsoft MCP, MCAD, MSQL, MCSD and MCPD certifications.

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