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Object Consulting

Xbox LIVE Applications Design and Development

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Object Consulting is the only Premier Member of the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Applications Developer Partner Program located in Australia.

Xbox LIVE applications offer organisations a unique opportunity to reach viewers with video, rich image and other content on their television sets for families viewing content on their home’s biggest screen from the comfort of their couch. This adds exciting and different types of experiences to the ones they already provide via web, tablets and phones.

At Object Consulting we use our experience as a developer of enterprise applications to develop Xbox LIVE Applications for customers globally. Xbox LIVE Applications are an important piece of your client-facing strategy that must be secure, reliable, innovative, sexy and tightly integrated with enterprise data and content. To achieve these objectives, organisations must have a partner that can successfully deliver on all these aspects.

Reflecting our strengths as an organisation and our keen focus on innovation, Object design and develops Xbox LIVE Applications that provide:

- Excellent, compliant user experiences
- Enterprise and Cloud integration
- Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect content
- Integration with, or complete provision of, streaming media services using services such as Microsoft Windows Azure Media Services
- Advertising
- Content purchasing models, including free, subscription and pay-per-view
- Search experiences and integration with Bing Voice Search

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