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Dilignet Next Generation Desktop

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The days of unmanaged desktops are behind us. Harness the power of Microsoft's desktop vision with Windows 7 and Dilignet.

Architecture - Task workers, knowledge workers, telecommuting, contractors; how will your work practices affect the delivery method to use? Business critical apps, off-the-shelf apps, office productivity, in-house; how will you deliver these apps to your workforce? Thick client, thin client, App-V, MED-V, VDI; these must all be considered in your SOE choices. Dilignet has extensive experience in creating the foundations for SOE design by carefully considering the business and technology requirements of our wide range of customers.

Application Discovery - Before you embark on the creation of images, Dilignet is able to give you an understanding of the compatibility requirements of your application portfolio. Which applications will work under VDI? What needs to be done to get Application A to work under App-V? This saves valuable time and money in the remediation and deployment process.

Application Remediation - Dilignet has full onsite and offsite delivery capabilities to re-package and remediate applications for a variety of delivery methods. Whether you need your package to work on a 32 or 64 bit OS or under App-V or XenDesktop we can repackage your applications to work for you.

Image Creation - Dilignet has built SOE images for customers of over 50,000 seats and under 500. The strength in Dilignet's approach is understanding your business requirements and creating an image that meets those needs.

Hardware Socialisation - There's no point in having a SOE if it only works on one model of desktop and not the rest of your fleet. Dilignet is able to work with your hardware and SOE builds to test against conflicts between applications and hardware drivers. This will ensure a smooth deployment of your Windows SOE to your desktop and laptop fleet.

Deployment - Successful deployment of your OS requires planning and understanding. Planning around the who and when, understanding of the business constraints, network capacity, topology and the needs of the business. Dilignet has experience with rapid deployment in a range of environments and understands that every business is unique in how they will deploy their SOE.

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