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Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd

Licensing Solutions

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  • Service Type:

    Licensing Sales and Service
  • Business Need:

    Compliance, Software Licensing, Volume Licensing
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office Standard 2013, SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, Windows 8, Windows Azure
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All

Insight is one of the world's largest software resellers and a leading Microsoft reseller, with the ability and expertise to deliver software solutions at a local and global level.

Insight is an elite Microsoft Business Partner, holding the Gold Competency for Volume Licensing. This level of relationship offers the assurance that Insight has developed the knowledge, skills and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match clients´ bespoke business needs.

Insight has passed the highest level of requirements from Microsoft and has demonstrated the most robust, efficient and scalable implementations of Microsoft technologies in demonstrated enterprise client deployments. Insight has 65 Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) spread across APAC who have demonstrated a high level of technical expertise and the proven ability to deliver solutions featuring Microsoft products.

Insight is also one of the few organisations to hold the prestigious Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) accreditation. This authorises Insight to resell licenses to end-users through volume licensing, ensuring we can offer our clients the right licensing agreement to best meet their needs.

Whilst Volume Licensing Agreements are delivered directly to clients by Microsoft, an Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) is engaged to assist in the management of the Agreement, as well as provide advice and any extra services that may be required.

As a Microsoft-accredited ESA, Insight is able to provide a range of additional services in conjunction with Licensing Agreements. These services are aimed at maximising the benefits of the Licensing Agreements, as well as ensuring software purchases are made in the most cost effective way whilst maintaining license compliancy.

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